Friday, February 25, 2011

Daft Punk x Coca-Cola Club Coke

Daft Punk teamed up with Coca Cola to release a limited edition set of Coca Cola bottles, named Daft Punk x Coca-Cola Club Coke. The gold and silver bottles look like they're inspired by Daft Punk's helmets and the limited edition will be available at the beggining of March at French clubs. Along with it, will go live. Also, on April 5th, a new remix album will be released, named TRON: Legacy RECONFIGURED. It will offer 14 tracks from Tron: Legacy soundtrack, remixed by various artists.

Here's the teaser for the commercial, with music by The Third Twin (there are rumors about TTT being Daft Punk under different name because of legal issues with Disney that have been denied by both DP and Disney... but who knows? :D).

And this is how the bottles look... I have to get them!

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