Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Spider-man is dead, long live the Spider-man

Tomorrow, Spider-man will die. To be more specific, tomorrow is the day when Ultimate Comics Spider-man #160, the conclusion to the series spanning arc "Death of Spider-man", comes out. 10 years ago, Ultimate Spider-man marked a start for new generation of comic book readers. It introduced an all new Ultimate universe, a place where anything was possible (altough it wasn't always good for the story). Now, Brian Michael Bendis ends what he started with Peter Parker and will soon start with a brand new Spider-man. If you are not afraid of the spoilers, you can read Bendis' statement about Peter Parkers killer and more here. Now, the only unresolved question is: who is this new Spider-man?

And the following are original cover and variable cover (by Joe Quesada!) for Ultimate Comics Spider-man #160 respectively.

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