Monday, October 10, 2011

Peter Murphy & Tom Waits duet?

For the past few days I was listening to a lot of Nick Cave and serching for his rarities and bootlegs. Today, I found a bootleg called "A Flowerdance Collection For Verycd", which includes various collaborations of Nick Cave and Tom Waits with different artists respectively.
The second song on the album is tagged as "Tom Waits and Peter Murphy - Christmas Sucks", and what an amazing and funny duet it is! So I started googling for it's origin aaaaand: It's not a duet between Waits and Murphy at all! The song is called "This Holiday Season", it's recorded by a band called "Porn Orchard", from Athens, Georgia, and it's members are only impersonating M&W. And I must say, they pulled that off really well, and I'd tip my hat off to them if I ever met them :D
Below you can listen to the original recording including a short intro uploaded to the youtube by some nice user and you can also read about the song and band here and here.

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