Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Woodkid's Run Boy Run EP and other stuff

Video for Woodkid's new song Run Boy Run debuted yesterday. Although visually it's pretty similar to his first video, Iron, musically it's something a little bit different. Much more dancy, I'd say. The video was once again produced and directed by Woodkid himself and, once again, it's stunning. Watch for yourself (I suggest in fullscreen at 1080p) and look forward to his debut album, The Golden Age, coming this fall. Just to compare, here is a live version of Run Boy Run from Katowice. It's very similar to what Woodkid did at Electronic Beats in Bratislava, where I've seen him, and I find this version a little bit more intense than the studio one. Lastly, if you like the song, support it. And if you weren't lucky enough to see Woodkid live and you'd like to at least hear the recording of it, have a look at this site.

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